Tech for Attorneys

Our newest offering, Tech for Attorneys, is intended to educate attorneys about technology and its impact on the practice of law.  Courses are tailored to your community of lawyers, and covers topics like "What is PDF" and "What is OCR".  See LawyerPDF for more examples.


General PDF Courses

PDF/A 1a and 1b - what it all means 1.0 hr
Redaction and how to avoid costly or embarassing mistakes 1.0 hr
Security and digitial signatures 1.0 hr
The mathematics of scanned file size 0.5 hr
Creating Electronic Briefs with pdfDocs 1.0 hr
Scan Capture with pdfDocs 0.05 hr


pdfDocs-4 Courses  

Buy Bill's Getting Started Guide - see this sample.

pdfDocs-4 Essentials
This course is intended to give the new user an comprehensive introduction to pdfDocs Editor, pdfDocs Organizer, pdfDocs-Binder,  The course is typically divided into 4 segments of an hour each but can be presented as a high-level overview in a 1-hour session (see outline). 

Courses for Beginners - Getting Started with pdfDocs-4
These courses are designed to give the new user of the pdfDocs Suite a solid understanding and introduction to each of the modules.

  • Overview – What is pdfDocs-4 Editor: 0.5 Hour
  • Overview - What is pdfDocs Organizer 0.5 Hour
  • Overview - What is pdfDocs Binder 0.5 Hour
  • Overview – What is compareDocs: 0.5 Hour
  • pdfDocs-4 Editor - Creating PDF Files: 0.5 Hour
  • pdfDocs-4 Editor - Editing PDF Files: 1.5 Hour
  • pdfDocs-4 Organizer - Using the Organizer: 0.5 Hour
  • pdfDocs-4 Binder - Using the Binder 1.0 Hour

Courses for Intermediate Users - Learning more about pdfDocs
For new or experienced users of the pdfDocs Suite who want to drill into specific topics
  • pdfDocs-4 Editor - Selecting and Combining Pages and Files: 0.5 Hour
  • pdfDocs-4 Editor - Security and Digital Signatures: 1.0 Hour
  • pdfDocs-4 Editor - Bookmarks and Hyperlinks: 1.0 Hour
  • pdfDocs-4 Editor - PDF/A: 0.5 Hour
  • pdfDocs-4 Editor - Headers & Footers: 0.5 Hour
  • pdfDocs-4 Editor - Understanding Checkboxes 0.5 Hour
  • pdfDocs-4 Editor - Creating Fillable Forms 1.0 Hour
  • pdfDocs-4 Binder - Customizing Binder Templates: 1.0 Hour
  • compareDocs – Settings and Rendering Sets: 1.0 Hour

Courses for Advanced Users of pdfDocs Desktop
For experienced users who want to get the most out of the pdfDocs Suite with a thorough knowledge of topics like Redaction and Binder Options.
  • pdfDocs-4 Editor - Redaction 1.0 Hour
  • pdfDocs Binder  – Binder Options: 1.0 Hour
  • pdfDocs Organizer & Binder  – Organizer and Binder Template Strategies: 1.0 Hour